How it works

Get started in 1 easy steps

Yes, It's really that easy.

1. Copy & Paste Code

Paste the one line of code for the Text Us button on your website.

2. Visitors Click Custom Button

Visitors to your website click the Text Us button to send a message.

3. Voila!

You get instant email notifications of new messages, reply right from the web Inbox.


What makes Proclaim Special


Real People
Not Automated Bots

Customers connect with friends via text and they want to connect with you via text, not automated bots


More Engagement
On Both Ends

People message you when they want. You respond when it is convenient. Win/win.


Bottom Line

Cheaper to interact with customers than having phone lines for your business


Frequently Asked Questions

You (and anyone you want on your team) get an email notification immediately. The email has the name, number, and message sent. It also has a button to View and Reply to message which will open a browser and let you reply without the need to remember the username and password to log in to your Proclaim account. Simple and fast!
Yes, you can choose from a list of available phone numbers which local area code you wish to use. We cannot guarantee that you can choose the exact number, but you will get a choice between several options with your chosen area code.
Paste the one line of code for the Text Us button on your website.